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I am a work from home mom, I freelance on the internet. I have been doing different type of internet related tasks like Project coordination, Web Site testing, HTML editing, Data research, Data Collection & analysis, Job Board Maintenance Technical Documentation, Forum moderation, Power point presentation, Report making, Email handling, google mapping etc. I have also worked as an independent consultant for Appen Butler Hill for more than 3 years.

I have approx 4 years experience doing web related jobs for US and UK based Companies.

Presently I am ready to take up part time or full time assignments.I have high speed Internet connection. My skill set will be an asset to any company or individual looking for a reliable virtual assistant for carrying out web related tasks.

I also have around 15 years of Industrial Experience in a Leading Multinational Engineering - process Automation Industry.

I assure you Sincerity, Quality & Reliability in any job that I take up.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.
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